Total Resource Management


RulesManager Advantage for Maximo Cloud Customers


RulesManager Advantage for Maximo Cloud Customers


TRM RulesManager Studio is the leading software for improving the lifecycle configuration management, operational control, application delivery and performance of IBM Maximo.


TRM RulesManager Studio, TRM’s award‐winning configuration software, allows TRM Maximo Cloud clients to deploy custom functionality without the traditional “customizing” of Maximo environments. By acting as an integrated front end for the configuration and control of any aspect of Maximo, the configuration and change management of complex projects becomes substantially easier, allowing the TRM team to quickly deploy customer changes and unique requirements with elegance and agility.


Similarly, the Operational Control Center built within RulesManager Studio provides valuable viewpoints, dashboards, monitor alerts and utilities to improve administrators ability to manage Maximo’s operational performance.


TRM’s bundled Maximo and RulesManager solution brings unique benefits to our Cloud customers:




  • Unified/Single Cloud Administrator UI (User Interface)
  • User Management
  • Self-Service Application Management – safe and easy user interface configuration, server state snapshots and the ability to compare Maximo instances, source control of all business rules
  • Integrations – including the ability to write rules for the MIF


TRM RulesManager Studio is the only solution for IBM Maximo available that:


  • Presents all configurations in one environment – including Maximo 7.5 configurations and TRM
  • rules
  • Provides one tool to edit the business logic, with all configurations done in one place
  • Offers a developer’s training tool for easily visualizing Maximo business objects
  • Provides content‐assist help
  • Presents no performance degradation
  • Requires no Java programming
  • Allows Maximo to be substantially configured while remaining “out‐of‐the‐box”, enabling
  • Simpler, faster and easier upgrades
  • Incorporates a real‐time debugger for developers
  • Bridges multiple Maximo instances of various versions
  • Addresses Maximo life cycle management through configuration change reports, CheckPoint
  • Manager
  • Guarantees all rules configured in one version of Maximo to operate in subsequent versions
  • Enables Maximo to be bridged with external environments, including JDBC, FTP, HTTP,
  • JavaScript, Web Services and more
  • Provides a powerful standalone scripting engine for bulk data loading
  • Monitors performance with a streaming remote logger, cluster management and memory
  • management
  • Enables agile development with assign‐and‐track team management and source control


Our Maximo Cloud customers find that they rarely have to say “no” to new business requirements, new functionality can be built in lightning fast and the users receive no performance issues and often can reduce clicks to speed their work.