Total Resource Management


TRM: High Performance Cloud for Maximo®


Maximo® SaaS Subscription


As an IBM Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner and IBM Premier Business Partner, TRM is able to offer hosted ITSM and EAM solutions to their client base utilizing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. 

With a TRM SaaS subscription, our clients pay for access to Maximo licenses on a monthly or yearly basis, while TRM provides the supporting infrastructure (data center, servers, backup, firewall, etc.), and support team staff to install, configure, develop and maintain the application, and provide Level 1 support.   With TRM SaaS, the client only needs to supply the client end points (e.g., laptop, desktop, PDA) and a compatible internet browser, along with internet access for those clients. The rest of the infrastructure is supplied and supported by TRM SaaS.

Using a SaaS model, our clients can:


  • Stand-up the leading asset management system in minimal time
  • Handle fluctuating user counts without costly investments in licenses
  • Focus their organization on delivering services, not maintaining and upgrading IT systems